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Online Dance Classes - Bachata Dance - DancingFlix Waldo Solano

10 Basic Salsa Steps Every Salsa Dancer Should Know

This blog is all about the top 10 fundamental steps to learn because most salsa movements are built on top of these 10 fundamental steps...

Mindset For Dancers

What’s up Knox County, TN!
Greetings from Waldo Solano and Jacqueline Solano, owners of SalsaKnox Dance Company here in Knox County, TN.

-Do you want to achieve your highest potential?
-Do you strive to alleviate stress, physical, and mental weakness?
-How would you love to not only be able to avoid pain but also flourish in body, mind, and soul?
Salsa Ladies Styling Online - DancingFlix  Online Dance Classes

Salsa Ladies Styling Online

This is a Dance Course for anyone interested to learn The Secrets of Salsa Ladies Styling from instructor Jacqueline Solano.  

I have over 10 years of Latin Dance Experience, and I have put all my love into creating my new ladies styling course just for you. I want to share my shortcuts, tips, and knowledge with you...
Online Dance Classes - Bachata Dance - DancingFlix Waldo Solano

Bachata Secrets

This is a Bachata Dance Course for anyone interested to learn The Bachata Dance Secrets from dance instructor Waldo Solano.  

Learn the Bachata Dance Secrets with Waldo Solano, like Dominican Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Urban Bachata, Modern Bachata and more...
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Who is SalsaKnox?
We Are a Latin Dance School Based in Knoxville, TN. We Offer Different Levels of Salsa Classes – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.
We are professional dance instructors and our Salsa group classes we go deeper into the Salsa music to give you a better understanding of how to feel the rhythm and interpret it into your steps and partner work…Read More
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