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Waldo y Jacqui want to help you...

Learn Salsa Faster with Salsa Partner Team: 


The Salsa Partner Team, offered by the SalsaKnox Dance Company under the guidance of Waldo y Jacqui Solano, is a unique and transformative experience for anyone interested in mastering the art of partner dancing in Salsa. This course is remarkable for its comprehensive approach to teaching the intricate dynamics of salsa partner work. It's perfect for individuals who want to deepen their connection with their partner, enhance their coordination, and experience the true essence of salsa dancing. Through this course, participants will not only improve their dance skills but also build valuable social connections and improve their understanding of musicality and rhythm.

Inside, we'll show you:

​Effective Partner Communication: Develop non-verbal communication skills with your dance partner, essential for seamless and synchronized movements in salsa dancing.

Advanced Partner Techniques: Master complex turns, spins, and partner combinations, enhancing your ability to dance with grace and fluidity in a duo setting.

Musicality and Rhythm Understanding: Gain a deeper appreciation for salsa music, learning to interpret and express the music through your movements, creating a more engaging and dynamic dance experience.

The 'Salsa Partner Team' course is more than just a dance team; it's a journey into the heart of salsa culture, guided by the expertise of Waldo y Jacqui, and an opportunity to be part of a vibrant, passionate community. This is by Tryout Only. There will also be opportunities to perform if desired. Join Waitlist below to receive information.