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Mens TEAM:


The "Men's Styling Team" at SalsaKnox Dance Company, crafted by the renowned Waldo Solano, is a specialized team designed for men who want to excel in Salsa and Bachata dancing. This course is remarkable because it focuses not just on basic dance steps but on the unique styling, presence, and confidence needed for male dancers. It's essential for men looking to refine their dance skills, enhance their stage presence, and achieve a deeper understanding of the dance form. Participants will learn from experienced instructors, gaining insights that go beyond typical dance classes, emphasizing masculine elegance and power in dance.

Inside, we'll show you:

​Advanced Styling Techniques: Acquire specialized styling skills tailored for men, enhancing your ability to express the music and rhythm with masculinity and flair.

Improved Dance Mechanics: Focus on the fundamentals of movement, posture, and footwork, which are crucial for a polished and professional appearance in Salsa and Bachata.

Boosted Confidence and Stage Presence: Develop a stronger stage presence and self-confidence, essential for any male dancer to stand out and perform with charisma and power.

The "Men's Styling Team" offers a unique opportunity for men to dive deep into the world of Latin dance, guided by the expertise of Waldo Solano, and to become part of an empowering dance community. Try Outs Mandatory. There will also be opportunities to perform if desired. Join Waitlist below to receive information.