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The 'Rule of 100' suggests that dedicating 100 hours a year to any discipline, which equates to approximately 18 minutes a day, can significantly enhance your proficiency. By consistently practicing for just 18 minutes daily, you can achieve a level of skill that surpasses that of the majority of the general population in disciplines such as dance, karate, violin, piano, or any other activity. The key to this rule is the commitment to daily practice, emphasizing consistency over sporadic bursts of effort. This consistent dedication is likely to place you in a better position compared to those who practice less frequently.

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Daily Improvement:

Commit just 18 minutes a day to master the art of dance. According to the rule of 100, this daily practice accumulates to 100 hours a year, pushing you ahead of 95% of people in any discipline.

Diverse Dance Styles:

Explore over 100 tutorials across multiple dance styles:

Bachata dance tutorials:

Gain the confidence to glide through any dance floor with our Bachata tutorials.

Cumbia dance tutorials:

Embrace the rhythmic motions of Cumbia and captivate any crowd.

Salsa dance tutorials:

Master the fiery steps of Salsa and own the spotlight.

Salsa Ladies Styling dance tutorials:

Enhance your grace and poise with specialized tutorials for ladies.

Salsa Men Styling dance tutorials:

Sharpen your flair and style with Salsa techniques tailored for men.

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Each of our courses is meticulously designed to ensure you can walk into any dance room with confidence and prowess. Whether you’re starting your dance journey or looking to refine your skills, our online dance classes are the perfect stepping stone to a more confident you.

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