⏰ Don't Have Time To Learn Salsa?

We Teach The Basics of Salsa in 4 Consecutive Days, So You Can Go From Zero To Salsa Hero (Without Wasting Time)







YES! This Challenge Is For You, Especially If You Think...

  • You Need to Be Born with Rhythm, Many believe that you need innate rhythm to dance salsa. However, rhythm and timing can be learned and improved with practice and instruction.
  • I Need a Partner to Learn Salsa, A common misconception is that you must have a partner to start learning salsa. Most classes welcome individuals, and partners often rotate during lessons, allowing everyone to dance and lear​.
  • ​I Don't Have Time, In our New 4 Day Salsa Challenge you will learn all the steps and turns the you need for the rest of your life in less than one week!
  • ​​I tried dance classes before and they moved too fast or too slow. This salsa challenge is in a small class setting (1-4 people max), so we will work with your needs and at your pace.




You won't stop laughing and smiling in our fun-loving class! We believe learning happens in fun, so we have made this challenge a FUN-ZONE!


Learn Salsa Fastest without taking weeks or months.  Be able to dance a full salsa song at any dance social after completion of this challenge! 



No Partner? No Problem.  Come as you are, and we will rotate partners during the daily challenge sessions.  No experience ever required to join! 






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What You Can Expect From The Challenge

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • ​Do You Experience Fear of Awkwardness Around other people?
  • ​Do you Experience Lack of Self-Confidence.
  • Do You Have Timing and Rhythm Concerns.
  • ​​Do You Have Social Anxiety

AFTER The Challenge:

  • ​​You Will Experience Increased Confidence and Grace!
  • ​You Will Experience Enhanced Self-Confidence and Body Image!
  • ​​You Will Have Improved Rhythm and Musicality!​
  • ​​​You Will Have Social Connectivity and Reduced Anxiety!

⏰ Don't Have Time To Learn Salsa?
We Teach The Basics of Salsa in 4 Consecutive Days,
So You Can Go From Zero To Salsa Hero (Without Wasting Time)

At SalsaKnox Dance Company, we know you are the kind of person who wants to learn new skills with full immersion, without wasting time or energy.

In order to be that way, you need to take a crash course from experienced instructors.  The problem is that you worry that this challenge might be too complex or too hard to complete in 4 straight days.  

We believe that anyone who takes this 4 Day Salsa Challenge can learn the basics of Salsa Dance.  We understand how it feels to want to learn a new skill quickly, which is why we have created a speed track to your Salsa success! 

We, Waldo y Jacqui have helped over 20,000 people in the past 15 years with our step by step easy to learn framework to learn the Salsa Dance quickly. With over 200 5-Star Reviews, we continue to put our customer first.

Here’s how it works. First, register today online for the challenge. Next, come to class on the first day of your Salsa Dance Cycle. Finally, meet other absolute beginners at class and start having fun again.

​So, click the button below today to register for our next 4 Day Salsa Challenge For Absolute Beginners, so you can stop wasting time and start dancing and living the life you deserve! 

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What You'll Learn During The 4 DAY SALSA Challenge!

DAY #1: MONDAY 5pm

Basic Steps and Rhythm Understanding

Basic Steps and Rhythm Understanding:  On day 1, we will focus on the fundamental steps of salsa, including the basic forward and backward steps, side steps, and basic right and left turns. We will teach you rhythm and timing to help you understand how to move with the music. Finally, we will emphasize the importance of listening and moving to the beat.


Leading and Following Techniques

Leading and Following Techniques. In Day 2, we will introduce the concepts of leading and following, essential for dancing with a partner. We will cover the basics of handholds, signals, and the role of tension in guiding movements. Finally, we will practice simple turn patterns and cross-body leads to build confidence and connection between the dancers.

DAY #3: Wednesday 5pm

Turn Patterns and Combinations

Turn Patterns and Combinations. On Day 3, we will build on the previous days by introducing more complex turn patterns and combinations. We will teach you how to execute and combine inside and outside turns, wraps, and hammerlocks. We will focus on smooth transitions and maintaining rhythm throughout sequences.

DAY #4: Thursday 5pm

Styling and Musicality

Styling and Musicality. On this final day, day 4, we will introduce elements of styling to make the dance more personal and expressive. We will teach you shoulder shimmies, hip movements, and footwork variations. We will discuss musicality and how to interpret different instruments and rhythms within salsa music, and we will encourage you to start feeling the music and adding your own flair to the movements.

Meet Your Instructors

During The 4-Day Salsa Challenge!

Waldo y Jacqui

Salsa Dancer Experts

As founders of the first Salsa dance company in Knoxville, TN, Waldo and Jacqui Solano have dedicated over 15 years to teaching and inspiring more than 20,000 individuals through salsa dance. Their expertise is not just in teaching dance but in creating a community where individuals find confidence, joy, and a sense of belonging.

Their success is a testament to their belief that with passion, patience, and perseverance, anyone can embrace the joy of salsa dancing. They continue to be pioneers of the Latin dance community, inspiring countless individuals to dance their way to a happier, healthier life.

Waldo y Jacqui's impact extends beyond the dance floor. They have fostered an environment where students not only learn salsa but also build self-esteem, cultural awareness, and a supportive network. They believe that dance is a powerful tool for personal growth and community building.

Their journey began with a shared love for dance and a vision to bring the vibrant energy of Salsa to Knoxville, TN. With backgrounds rich in choreography, performance, and instruction, they have established a reputation for excellence. Their classes range from beginner to advanced levels, catering to the diverse needs of their students.

Waldo y Jacqui Solano, the dynamic duo behind SalsaKnox Dance Company, are renowned figures in the world of Latin dance, particularly in pioneering Salsa and Bachata Dance in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their journey in dance and instruction is not just about steps and rhythms; it's a story of passion, dedication, and transformative experiences.

Your Chance To Learn Salsa Dance in Less Than A Week...

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