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Merengue Dance Near Me

This learn how to Dance Merengue in 2 Hours. Intense Merengue Dance Workshop makes it easy for People just like you to have fun without spending days, weeks, or months trying to learn how to Dance Merengue ... and you can do it in The First Session.

Merengue History

  • The music and dance of the Dominican merengue


The Traditional Merengue contributed greatly to

Merengue widespread growth it made it possible

that Dominican people made it something of their


Merengue was played originally with guitars, string instruments, some made here made by Dominican hand...

But when accordions were introduced in Puerto Plata Dominican peasants played it and widespread Merengue besides that condition...

The accordion sound it was that more marched pretty well the mood of people who moved between military camps, guerrilla warfare, and trenches...

In their attempt to reaffirm their independence, identity, fighting for their sovereignty...

Merengue Dance Near Me | Knoxville, TN | SalsaKnox Dance Company



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