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So You Want To Learn How To Dance?

Let Me Ask You A Few

  • Are you tired of searching for classes, courses or videos online but feel overwhelmed?
  • Have you tried before, but quit because it was to hard... or the instructor taught too fast?
  • Do you want to learn how to dance in half the time it usually takes a new student to learn?

Then you're in the right place.

Hi, We Are Waldo & Jacqueline Solano & This Message Is For You!

We are dance instructors who has helped literally thousands of students across the world learn how to dance.

We helped them improve their body movement so they don't look stiff or awkward, teach them how to understand the music so they can dance on beat, and learn dance moves to impress their friends.

We have been perfecting our teaching method for over 12 years

False Beliefs: You Have To Be Born A Dancer Or Start Young

We Are Here To Tell You The TRUTH About Learning How To Dance Quickly And Easily Without The Headache Of Searching For Hours On Youtube For Random Videos!
Here's the biggest problem you're facing right now...

It's thinking you can't lear to dance or that you have two left feet.

But that's not the en of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because it isn't true...

And it's the only thing holding you back from your goals of becoming an amazing dancer...

Which means, you'll never learn to dance if you don't believe you can, or think "it's too hard."

And, worst of all, most new Dancers think that you have to be "born a dancer."

Those worries and thoughts are not the truth...

Learning to dance is a skill! A skill is something you can learn and develop over time... just like walking or learning to read and write...

If you're anything like us when we started, you've worried that you don't have what it takes or that it's too hard. But there are thousands of students each year that come to us to learn how to dance. they are't profesional dancers, they are everyday people with careers and busy schedule.

But they refuse to give up on their love for dance.
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