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Intensive Salsa Bootcamp

for Absolute Beginners IN-PERSON!

Outstanding New Intensive Salsa Bootcamp Reveals The Great Way To Do Better Socializing, Discovery To Do Better Mentally, Physically, And Emotionally Quick!

8 Week Salsa Bootcamp for Absolute Beginners IN-PERSON! - Knoxville, TN | Intensive Salsa Bootcamp | salsa bootcamp

SATURDAY - Intensive Salsa Bootcamp

We have taken our 8-week Salsa Bootcamp program and condensed it into One Day Intensive Salsa Bootcamp! This is the best program for students who aren't able to take our weekday classes!

You will learn the fundamentals of Salsa (timing, steps, shines & combos) and as we progress in the Salsa Bootcamp, you will be able to create more challenging turn patterns and salsa steps as you continue to master the fundamentals.

Please Note - This is a separate Saturday Intensive Salsa Bootcamp and not to be combined with the weekday Bootcamp packages. Students with an Unlimited Class package or VIP Members at SalsaKnox Dance Company may use their memberships towards this course.

Here's just a sample of what's in
Saturday Intensive Salsa Bootcamp

  • The easy way to do better mentally - Fast!
  • Prevent isolation and do better mentally
  • How to do better mentally, physically, and emotionally - No experience required!
  • ​Rapidly Socializing again... even if you've tried before and failed
  • ​Discover the real secrets every isolated person needs to do better mentally
  • ​Eliminate the stress and Do better socializing - For Eternity!

Here is an Sneak Pic Of What You Going To Learn

Demonstration (Women)

Tutorial (Women)

Demonstration (Men

Tutorial (Men)

Dance Class No. 2: Side Step (Lateral Step)



8 Week Salsa Bootcamp Near Me | Knoxville, TN | SalsaKnox Dance Company



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