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10 Basic Salsa Steps Every Salsa Dancer Should Know

10 Basic Salsa Steps
Every Salsa Dancer Should Know

Everything you need to know to go salsa dancing.

Introduction To Salsa Basics

What you will learn...

  • Basic Salsa Step
  • Side Salsa Step
  • Cumbia Salsa Step
  • Suzie Q Salsa Step
  • Spyro Salsa Step
  • Tres Tres Salsa Step
  • Taco Taco Salsa Step
  • Travelling Salsa Step
  • Right Salsa Turn
  • Left Salsa Turn

What you will learn...

  • Step Around The World Salsa Step
  • Cross Over Salsa Step
  • Half Box Salsa Step

Your instructor Waldo Solano

Salsa Lessons In This Course

All videos below are just demos. Click here for the free course.

Lessons: | Duration:

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Part I: Salsa Steps For Beginners

Here are the 10 most important basic salsa steps that I learned from one of the best dance instructors in the world Fernando Sosa from Tropical Gem, Italy, they are the 10 basic salsa steps that every salsa dancer should know if you like to dance salsa en linea, salsa fusion, salsa en 1 or salsa Los Angeles Style...

Class 1: Basic Salsa Step (Back & Forward)

Class 2: Side Salsa Step (Lateral Step)

Class 3: Cumbia Salsa Step

Class 4: Suzie Q Salsa Step

Class 5: Spyro Salsa Step

Class 6: Tres Tres Salsa Step

Class 7: Taco Taco Salsa Step

Class 8: Travelling Salsa Step

Class 9: Salsa Right Turn

Class 10: Salsa Left Turn

Bonus 1: Around The World Salsa Step

Bonus 2: Cross Over Salsa Step

Bonus 3: Half Box Salsa Step

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